Oh yeahhh! Well, actually my birthday was on the 5th of November…and I just turned 13 this year…

Wow…amazing intro. Please for the sake of the three worlds of heaven, earth and hell and all the dimensions that exist in this universe…please don’t wish me happy birthday. I personally don’t like this. I am extremely happy the majority of my friends didn’t wish me happy birthday…I hate having people telling me Happy Birthday…it is annoying and literally overused TBH.

So this post is 13 facts about me because I just turned 13…

Privet Drive Magic GIF by Harry Potter
GIPHY *cake drop*


Well, the 13 facts…

1. According to the internet, my zodiac sign is the Scorpion…

Not a fire sign. Whenever people ask me what’s my sign and I tell them I am a Scorpio, they automatically tell me, “Fire sign right?”. Duh, no. Water sign. The symbol is the Scorpion and he constellation Scorpius. The eighth zodiac sign and ruled by planet Mars and Pluto oh and a fixed sign.


2. I don’t particularly like it when people praise me.

Yeah…because I don’t trust you and your words…*narrows eyes*

3. If I cannot be a doctor when I grow up, I am going to buy a ship and be a pirate.

Bruh…being a pirate is much cooler than being a doctor but you know…in ModERn SoCIEty, you need to have a PrESEntaBle job if you get what I mean.

4. I like studying people.

I like studying them. Looking at their facial expressions, their way of reacting to certain things. I like to imagine what type of life they lead, if they have a weird habit and things like that. Humans are interesting to study.

That probably makes me a creep right?

5. I don’t like daylight or the Sun for that matter.

Yep, they give me headaches and once I nearly fainted. I never faint…They make me sleepy and lightheaded. Now I know that the Sun doesn’t like me. I prefer the dark thank you.

6. For some reason, green likes me.

Need explanation?

Okay. My room is mainly green since I was born for some reason. The curtains in my room are green. One of my favourite colours are bottle green, emerald green and dark green (forest green). My House Team was green in primary school. AGAIN, I got sorted into green in Secondary school…AND I DIDN’T EVEN CHOOSE GREEN LIKE WHAT? One of my favourite flowers (the jade-vine) is a turquoise green…*narrows eyes and frowns here*

Suspicious Dog GIFs | Tenor

7. I have katsaridaphobia.

Fear of cockroaches. When there is a cockroach in the house…don’t even think about it…AND WHEN IT STARTS FLYING…I’m dead bye.

8. I don’t like peanut butter.

No offence to those who do. I just don’t like the taste. Like, *weird face here*

Source: Meme Generator

9. I like the way blood tastes.

The metallic taste behind it is like really good. You don’t even get tired of it. This is why I like drinking in copper cups where the water was left for like a day because the coppery water taste is perfect. It is literally-

*Brain: Better stop here now…or they will start thinking you are some weirdo and we don’t need that right now*

10. I have a weird way of ”marking” my favourite books I own.

When I get hurt I(I don’t hurt myself you mushy mushroom) on my finger I squeeze it a little till a bead of blood appears and then press my finger to the first page at the bottom left corner.

That says a lot about me…or does it make me sound like a creep?

11. I love grape juice.

Like grape juice is literally so good. I love this thing.

Apparently these kinds of memes are back!: harrypotter
Source: Reddit

Snape on a grape? *smirking emoji here*

12. I like spiders.

Mainly because in my house, there could probably be a few permanently lurking somewhere in the corners…I once slept with a spider just above my head on the ceiling. I was thinking about a pet spider but when it walks down my hand…I’ll be awfully ticklish.

13. I wear glasses.

Um…no…that aren’t black. For some reason they are transparent pink and rounded rectangle. I hate having eyesight problems 😭. But it isn’t my fault you know. I see blurry. The further something is, the more blurry it is. The nearer the clearer. Ooh, it rhymes…

Oh well…that is all for today! At least now you know that I have katsaridaphobia haha!

Ok I Love You Bye Bye - Love Meme

27 thoughts on “13 Facts About Me

  1. You- I don’t like praise.
    Me- huh.
    You- I like studying people.
    Me- ok, that sounds nice.
    You- I don’t like sunlight.
    Me- Oh…*gets vampire vibes
    You- I sound like a creep.
    Me- no you don–
    You- I like the way blood tastes.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Me- I don’t like praise.
      You- huh.
      Me- *side glance*

      Me- I like studying people.
      You- ok, that sounds nice.
      Me- SOUNDS NICE! Wow…okay, so studying people isn’t creepy *smile*

      Me- I don’t like sunlight.
      You- Oh…*gets vampire vibes
      Me- *frowns* let’s see where this is going…

      Me- I sound like a creep.
      You- no you don–
      Me- *whispers* see…I’m not creepyyyy!

      Me- I like the way blood tastes.
      RUN VAMPIRE!!!!
      Me-oo-oops…uh oh

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ….someone’s a vampire.

    sorry if i disturbed you bella swan, are we really safe?

    also my dad detests cockroaches too & i always thought it was this irrational fear and that incredibly long word confirms it. cockroaches aren’t scary ahahhaa

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Haven’t even watched the movies OR even read the books…👁👄👁
        So I assume edward is a vampire and he probably turns her into a vampire so that they can live for a thousand years and forever and ever…?

        Liked by 1 person

    1. *trying to find a way to answer this…*
      Oh well…yes you are safe definitely because I don’t eat people. I only like the taste not exactly drinking it😂
      WHAT…WHO ON EARTH SAYS COCKROACHES AREN’T SCARY 😨😱..*panicked breathing*
      Oh well at least you are very lucky….I cannot even be in a room with a cockroach…but it’s fine if they are dead😌

      Liked by 1 person

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