Little Women-A Book Review

Name: Little Women

Author: Louisa May Alcott

Genre: Humour

This novel is about the sisters, Meg, Jo, Amy, Beth and their loving mother who they nickname Marmee. The family faces difficult times trying to make their life comfortable without their father who works in the army.

Meg is a governess and Jo is a companion to their rich aunt. The girls make friends with their neighbour, Laurie who joins in their games and theatrical performances.

On Christmas day, despite giving their breakfast to a poor German family, the Hummels, they have a lovely day and an even lovelier one whe they recieve a surprise for supper.

Meg and Jo get invited for a party and luckily, Laurie is there to help when Meg sprains her ankle.

Since shy Beth likes playing the piano, Mr. Laurence, Laurie’s grandfather lets her play on his piano in his house and ends up giving Beth a gift of her own piano. Beth is able to overcome her shyness and thank Mr. Laurence and offer him a pair of slippers.

Sice Jo disagrees to bring Amy to the theatre with her, she swears revenge and burns Jo’s manuscript of stories.

Jo forgives Amy when she and Laurie save her from drowning.

Meg is soon invited to go and stay with the Moffats, a very rich family for a fortnight. Since she has no gown, her friend, Belle, dresses her up like a doll. Laurie, who is invited for the party the Moffats were going to hold, goes and greet Meg telling her that she doesn’t look nice in the dress.

One day, a telegram arrives to say that Mr. March is ill and Marmee sets off for Washington. Beth catches scarlet fever from the Hummels and Marmee soon needs to set off home again.

Soon Meg learns that John Brooke, Laurie’s tutor has a crush on her and when he sends a love note, Meg finds out that Laurie has faked it.

Christmas comes with a delightful surprise. Mr. March has been well enough to make the journey home. They have a merry day. Meg agrees to marry John Brooke even went Aunt March says that she will be disinherited.

The merry story ends with the March family planning to organise a wedding.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you have read the book, watch the movie to.


The DaVinci Code-A Book Review

Name: The Da Vinci Code

Author: Dan Brown

Genre: Mystery, Detective Fiction, Conspiracy Fiction, Thriller and Suspense Novel

In Paris, Robert Langton, a Harvard symbologist and Agent Sophie Neveu, a French cryptologist find the elderly curator of the Louvre, Jacques Sauniere, murdered in the museum covered with intriguing symbols and bizarre riddles, naked, spread like an eagle in Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, The Vitruvian Man. Robert and Sophie soon discover clues which leads them to the famous works of art of Leonardo da Vinci, the Mona Lisa. They find a key embossed with the symbol of the Priory Of Sion, a secret society in which Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, Da Vinci, Botticelli and Sophie Neveu’s grandfather, Jacques Sauniere belonged to.

Together, Robert and Sophie work together in a quest to find the Holy Grail, which is in fact Mary Magdalene’s tomb or something that is related to it. They do not know that the Opus Dei centre is searching for exactly what they are searching for. Using Jacques Sauniere’s difficul clues, they are aware that if they do not succeed or if the Holy Grail falls in the wrong hands, the ancient truth will be lost forever…

This book was as amazing as Harry Potter. I loved it! I really recommend to people to read this book at least once.

My ratings:

Rating: 5 out of 5.