Catherine House-A Book Review

Name: Catherine House

Author: Elizabeth Thomas

Genre: Gothic, Fiction, Mystery

Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas
Origin of picture: Goodreads

This is the story of a very prestigious school, Catherine House, where only the brightest of students can attend. Students with horrific pasts…students who have been abandoned by their families…or who have been running away, like Ines.

Ines, a girl, attends Catherine House, the mysterious boarding school. Totally cut off from the outside world, not even capable of talking to their relatives. many students feel lonely, but still their determination and trust in Catherine is remarkable, especially those who have come here to learn plasm…the science of everything…the means of making and repairing and experimenting things by using plasm pins.

Ines makes friends with her roommate, Baby, a girl who attends Catherine in the hope to learn plasm.

Ines, is intrigued by plasm and its nature and also by a boy, called Sandy, with a strong resemblance to another boy in the picture of a dead student in a scrapbook in the library.

When Baby is killed, Ines is left alone wondering if she killed herself as of she was murdered. When Ines is sent to the restoration center, she is afraid of the plasm pins, that are going to be placed on her.

My ratings:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Well, okay, this book can be described as fine. It was not really what I expected but I liked it. It is only that a few of the mysteries are left unanswered. I didn’t understand plasm very well because it was quite vague and I didn’t figure out why the students were kept locked in the school for three years. I didn’t really like the ending…

Anyways, I would recommend the book if you like mystery, gothic, well-explained surroundings(I loved the book because of that because I could exactly visualize the place exactly and I daresay, they were very beautiful).

Very nice book!

Tell me in the comments what you thought of the book!

Thanks for reading!


Books I really want to read

Alright, there are thousands and millions and billions of books out there on Earth and I wouldn’t be able to read all of them even if I sit on an armchair all day long without going anywhere, not even for eating and read at a very fast pace. Maybe even if I could read only those I really love I wouldn’t be able to… it is near to impossible.

Besides, I even wonder sometimes if that person who says nothing is impossible really thinks that everything is possible.

For example…lets say um…magic wands were possible and you get the letter to attend Hogwarts. It seems so true to me because I tend to believe everything I want to be true in books. Let us say you could be invisible…it is clearly impossible!

Besides, I think it only means for those sort of things… you understand…not magic and invisibility🤔.

Alright, maybe I must stop rambling and talking nonsense because what I wrote above doesn’t correspond to what I am supposed to be writing about…

Books I really want to read:

Number #1

The Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien

I don’t know what it really is about. I only know that is has something to do with powerful rings and something like that.

I really love epic fantasy. It is one of my favourite genres. I think, well, I can only guess, but maybe, Lord Of The Rings is a bit like A Song Of Ice And Fire since they are both epic fantasies. I have to dig out more to find epic fantasies. I only know these two.

You can check out my book review on A Song Of Ice And Fire here:

BTW, it was one of favourite books. I never knew I had a taste for epic fantasy until I read those.😄

Number #2

Catherine House by Elizabeth Thomas

This book seems very mysterious and spooky. All books on boarding schools or schools have some quite fun adventure! Again, I love horror. But I don’t think that this book is horror maybe only a bit chilly, if you ask me. Besides, I have not even yet read the book. It seems eerie and quite the sort of book that makes you feel cold, well, I think it is.

Number #3

The Hidden Hours by Sara Foster

It is of a thriller genre. I love thrillers. I have read so many thriller books long ago, before I had this blog and they are simply thrilling! This book seems to be mysterious. I read a small review on it and even googled it and I definitely want to read this book. I don’t know when I would read it but if I do, I will definitely post a review and recommend it if I enjoyed it. I only recommend books that I personally rate 5 stars¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Let’s move on.

Number #4

The Whispering House by Elizabeth Brooke

This book also seems spooky and mysterious. That is why I want to read it. I read a review about it long ago but I forgot so I do not have clue why this book is on my reading list(in my notebook). But the title cannot be ignored. It is like the title is so catching and you want to read it.

Number #5

Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan

Well, well, it is all about the gods and the supernatural right. I have crossed the book quite a few times and when…it is like, I am the only one who seems not to have read the series. But it is not why I want to read it…it is because, I am very curious by nature, and I love mythology or anything that has got with history. Whenever I go somewhere, or read about a place, I like to search about its history and its mythology. Ha Ha

So, maybe that is all. I don’t like writing long posts but sometimes, I end up writing so much!!