Final Friends- A Book Review

I am so sorry for writing this late. I had my Art homework on collage and it took me FOREVER to complete it and I haven’t even finished it! It is on the theme, Wakashio boat so it is a bit complicated. The choice of colours is very time consuming. AND I have a small test for Social and Modern Studies on Thursday and I had to revise. I don’t even know why I started revising so late! BTW our teacher told us just last week. I have so many notes to revise and I have to memorize all of them! Duh!

So I think you can understand…let us start directly with the review.

Name: Final Friends (Volume 1) The Party and The Dance Part 1

Author: Christopher Pike

Genre: YA, Horror fiction, Mystery

Final Friends: Pike, Christopher: 9781444901306: Books
Source: Amazon

The Party

Jessica Hart and her friend Alice McCoy decide to throw a party to get to know all the new guys and other people at their new school, Tabb High. Jessica and Alice could never have expected that anything could go very wrong…as wrong as murder…

Each of Jessica’s friends were given half a dozen of invitation cards. Having invited six friends each, the party begins…

Was the party a terrible mistake?…

The Dance Part 1

Michael Olson, Alice’s friend is determined to find her killer. Michael suspects Clark, this super mysterious boy who nobody knows about him, who is Alice’s boyfriend.

Is Michael right or is he wrong?

Michael gives Polly, Alice’s big sister, a form that will allow him to view the contents of Alice’s autopsy but Clark takes it away from his new girlfriend, Polly.

Will Michael be able to find what he is searching for?

My ratings: 4/9

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This book was really a catching story. I was very right about reading this book😄. I love stories where you have a lot of suspense and crime. The bad news is that my next review won’t be on Book 2 of Final Friends because I didn’t find it at my school library and instead, I borrowed Deception Point, by Dan Brown in French. So that will be the next review.

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The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein-A Book Review

Name: The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

Author: Kiersten White

Genre: Horror fiction The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein ...
Cover picture from Amazon

Elizabeth Lavenza is sent to the Frankensteins’ manor to be a friend to Victor Frankenstein, a boy, two years older than her, with dark curls and sallow skin who has no friends because of his very dangerous temper and his rudeness sometimes.

Elizabeth has taken a liking to Victor and her purpose is to please him always. Afraid of being sent back home to her cruel caregiver, she does her best to serve the Frankenstein family well, taking care of Victor’s younger brothers as well.

Victor, who loved reading and studying, was always up, late at night and ready to receive little Elizabeth to his bed when she has nightmares, calling her, ‘my Elizabeth’ because Elizabeth belonged to him, and him only.

One day, Victor Frankenstein went away and Elizabeth, now an adult, around 16, decides to search for him, now missing for two years.

Mysteriously, Elizabeth and her friend, Justine are locked in their room at their ‘hotel’ where they cannot wander during the dark and very strict rules which none understand.

The next day, Elizabeth and her friends search the town for Victor, hoping to find him and her other friend, Henry, who betrayed her.

My ratings: 4/9

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Well I must say it was a very lovely story. Maybe in the future, I would read more books from Kiersten White. She really writes beautifully.

So as not to spoil the story for all of you, I would just say that I took 0.1 of a star away because of someone’s death I really do not like. I know he was absolutely horrible, but I cannot help feeling sad for him.

By the way, I have never read Frankenstein, but I had a feeling that The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein was going to be spooky and mysterious with a glance at the cover AND when the name Frankenstein appeared. I don’t know, but I will definitely read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley someday, maybe it is a bit creepy as well. I will never know unless I read it.

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