13 Facts About Me

Oh yeahhh! Well, actually my birthday was on the 5th of November…and I just turned 13 this year…

Wow…amazing intro. Please for the sake of the three worlds of heaven, earth and hell and all the dimensions that exist in this universe…please don’t wish me happy birthday. I personally don’t like this. I am extremely happy the majority of my friends didn’t wish me happy birthday…I hate having people telling me Happy Birthday…it is annoying and literally overused TBH.

So this post is 13 facts about me because I just turned 13…

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Well, the 13 facts…

1. According to the internet, my zodiac sign is the Scorpion…

Not a fire sign. Whenever people ask me what’s my sign and I tell them I am a Scorpio, they automatically tell me, “Fire sign right?”. Duh, no. Water sign. The symbol is the Scorpion and he constellation Scorpius. The eighth zodiac sign and ruled by planet Mars and Pluto oh and a fixed sign.


2. I don’t particularly like it when people praise me.

Yeah…because I don’t trust you and your words…*narrows eyes*

3. If I cannot be a doctor when I grow up, I am going to buy a ship and be a pirate.

Bruh…being a pirate is much cooler than being a doctor but you know…in ModERn SoCIEty, you need to have a PrESEntaBle job if you get what I mean.

4. I like studying people.

I like studying them. Looking at their facial expressions, their way of reacting to certain things. I like to imagine what type of life they lead, if they have a weird habit and things like that. Humans are interesting to study.

That probably makes me a creep right?

5. I don’t like daylight or the Sun for that matter.

Yep, they give me headaches and once I nearly fainted. I never faint…They make me sleepy and lightheaded. Now I know that the Sun doesn’t like me. I prefer the dark thank you.

6. For some reason, green likes me.

Need explanation?

Okay. My room is mainly green since I was born for some reason. The curtains in my room are green. One of my favourite colours are bottle green, emerald green and dark green (forest green). My House Team was green in primary school. AGAIN, I got sorted into green in Secondary school…AND I DIDN’T EVEN CHOOSE GREEN LIKE WHAT? One of my favourite flowers (the jade-vine) is a turquoise green…*narrows eyes and frowns here*

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7. I have katsaridaphobia.

Fear of cockroaches. When there is a cockroach in the house…don’t even think about it…AND WHEN IT STARTS FLYING…I’m dead bye.

8. I don’t like peanut butter.

No offence to those who do. I just don’t like the taste. Like, *weird face here*

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9. I like the way blood tastes.

The metallic taste behind it is like really good. You don’t even get tired of it. This is why I like drinking in copper cups where the water was left for like a day because the coppery water taste is perfect. It is literally-

*Brain: Better stop here now…or they will start thinking you are some weirdo and we don’t need that right now*

10. I have a weird way of ”marking” my favourite books I own.

When I get hurt I(I don’t hurt myself you mushy mushroom) on my finger I squeeze it a little till a bead of blood appears and then press my finger to the first page at the bottom left corner.

That says a lot about me…or does it make me sound like a creep?

11. I love grape juice.

Like grape juice is literally so good. I love this thing.

Apparently these kinds of memes are back!: harrypotter
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Snape on a grape? *smirking emoji here*

12. I like spiders.

Mainly because in my house, there could probably be a few permanently lurking somewhere in the corners…I once slept with a spider just above my head on the ceiling. I was thinking about a pet spider but when it walks down my hand…I’ll be awfully ticklish.

13. I wear glasses.

Um…no…that aren’t black. For some reason they are transparent pink and rounded rectangle. I hate having eyesight problems 😭. But it isn’t my fault you know. I see blurry. The further something is, the more blurry it is. The nearer the clearer. Ooh, it rhymes…

Oh well…that is all for today! At least now you know that I have katsaridaphobia haha!

Ok I Love You Bye Bye - Love Meme

So Swifties and those who loved the Six of Crows duology, I just thought of… something…👁👄👁

This is probably crazy of me but this thing has been bugging me since a few days…

If you are a Swiftie, then you definitely know that song called No Body No Crime.

If you are a Swiftie and don’t know this song…a real shame…IT IS RIGHT THERE IN YOUTUBE.😑

Let us continue…

If you have read Six of Crows, then you definitely know the famous line…No Mourners No Funerals (I have it as my Whatsapp profile picture🙂🔪 don’t you dare tell anyone…)

Well, coming to the point…doesn’t No Body No Crime sound like something the Crows would say???

…or it could probably just be my imagination…

Wow. All this valuable rubbish at the beginning just to write the above paragraph.

Ooh…valuable rubbish…found a new nickname for my two best-friends…😏

I’d better be off now, I have to go and think if posting this was a good idea or not.

…and does Six of Crows have a fandom name?? It should have one…

A Letter To All The Fictional Characters (thanks so much lil’ dark corners for always being here…I’d better go hide now)

To all of those people who live inside books this letter is dedicated to you:


Those fictional characters who have ruined changed my whole life.

First of all, you don’t know so many things.

And you are a nuisance but I hate to admit that I also love you all as well.

I would also like to thank all of you for changing me that I am not sure what is my pure self like anymore. Why? One day I just realized that I am just a collection of bits and pieces thrown here and there into my personality. Like I am all of my favourite characters blended into one person. Like I picked little parts of your personality traits that I loved best and took them to be my own.

It is actually very scary when I think how my mind would have worked/thought and how different my personality would have been if hadn’t done the above. I cannot imagine my own self before I started reading books. Like I never even existed at all. I cannot think of what I did during the day if I wasn’t making up funny scenes in my head of book characters; thinking about books; suddenly remembering a random quote or detail that I had never thought about…

Was I even alive? I should have been.

But I guess this is the pain of being a reader. But being a reader is much better than not being a reader.

Do you know how boring real life is? We don’t get the chance to go on interesting adventures, save the world from a Dark Lord, or steal back the lost treasure from a feared dragon, or go on a quest to destroy one of the most powerful rings, or even have to chance to go to magic school…


Are you serious Harry and Ron? Just try to ‘muggle homework’ and you’ll see how boring it is (except math). I would do ANYTHING to go to Hogwarts and I can’t believe how you take magic school for granted.

IF I WAS IN YOUR PLACE, I WOULD HAVE DONE ALL THE HOMEWORK, WOKE UP EARLY IN THE MORNING, NEVER FEEL BORED IN CLASS (even history of magic). Can you believe how lucky you are? We people have never got a chance to even go to Hogwarts. What you learn over there is a million times better than muggle school.

In some ways, I actually envy all of you and I don’t want all of you fictional characters to be real, I want to be fictional and join you in some mysterious adventure. Like, can you imagine what fun it will be? And weird? A twelve year old girl from the real world into your worlds? And in your worlds, there will be books and when we enter those books, we will be transported into another world, in that other world, there will be other books and we will enter other fictional worlds and it just continues…

…until we lose ourselves totally in books and when we reach the last chapter, we come back to the real world and it is like time hasn’t passed at all. Just imagine if this was possible.

If it was, then I could bring all of you into the real world and life would be interesting and then you could go back to your world when the book reaches the last sentence. (in the fictional worlds, there are books about our real world where we are the fictional characters inside and I guess the story of our lives is actually interesting to them…)

Just imagine how life would be not boring at all?

Thanks for all you did you me (includes suffering and breakdowns),


What did I just write above? I mean, obviously, it is a very embarrassing letter to all those fictional characters.

Well, mom, if you are reading this, then let all be erased from your mind, this is definitely very embarrassing. LIKE REALLY EMBARASSING. Just don’t tell me you have read this, I will die from embarrassment. I am already dying from embarrassment right now.

And it feels like I just exposed my bare soul to all of you…I deeply regret this. I regret this very much. Now all of you know…what? Well, all of the above. I hate myself for writing this.


*dies from oversaturation and choking on thick embarrassment*

*Hermione’s ghost tries to put her soul back to her body and succeeds. Miracle really!*

Why did I even do this?

Well, so there is my letter to the characters who have much more interesting lives than my existence and if you have reached here…then thanks I guess *deeply embarrassed* for reading until here. At least you know now that I am an unhealthy overthinker and obsessed over books and fictional characters with a very high level of unusual weirdness.

*chokes again*

I have never felt so embarrassed in my whole life before. Not since the day I accidentally fell asleep in class dreaming and when I woke up, everybody was staring at me and the teacher…well…let us skip this part shall we. I was still very little at that time.

Since, I am filled with regrets, I should probably go and hide and come out an eternity later…I love you, darkness, my best friend. I won’t be able to live without you. You are my best-friend…🖤




Now, puh-lease, all of you who have reached here, forget everything. I mean, that is probably unnecessary

I just realized….

I was in bed yesterday and being a person who takes up to 30 minutes or even 1 hour to fall asleep, I was obviously awake staring at the ceiling and very busy thinking of random and useless things while I waited for sleep to come until I realized something…

Alright, I am telling you in advance, this is pretty much nonsense so read the following at your own risk:

I think we are all familiar with Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, The Frog Princess, The Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel and all those tales which reminds us a little of our childhood. Oh, and I forgot, The Twelve Dancing Princesses and The Little Mermaid…and the list goes on and on. And I also forgot Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. And Alice in Wonderland.

Well, did you realize that those stories we used to read and listen to when we were little are mostly fantasy and romance and this kind of thing? Yes yes, I know this is all nonsense but I did say to read at your own risk😎.

All the stories also had talking animals, witches, princesses, prince, castles and the majority of them took place once upon a time in a faraway land….

So, if you understand what I mean….well, I think it is a little weird if people don’t like fantasy but of course our tastes change over the years but do you imagine, most of the stories of our childhood is fantasy? So nobody can say that they never liked fantasy because if you liked any of the stories above then remember, you definitely liked fantasy at some point of your life…

So, if you have reached this sentence, then thank you very much for reading this bunch of….my….unusual thinking. I’ll probably regret this later but never mind…

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Well, what can I say?

This is obviously all pure nonsense from a nonsensical mind (hey, that is my mind! Imagine my mind calling itself nonsensical🤦‍♀️)

So, see you later with a much usual post!

With wierdness,


Books I really want to read

Alright, there are thousands and millions and billions of books out there on Earth and I wouldn’t be able to read all of them even if I sit on an armchair all day long without going anywhere, not even for eating and read at a very fast pace. Maybe even if I could read only those I really love I wouldn’t be able to… it is near to impossible.

Besides, I even wonder sometimes if that person who says nothing is impossible really thinks that everything is possible.

For example…lets say um…magic wands were possible and you get the letter to attend Hogwarts. It seems so true to me because I tend to believe everything I want to be true in books. Let us say you could be invisible…it is clearly impossible!

Besides, I think it only means for those sort of things… you understand…not magic and invisibility🤔.

Alright, maybe I must stop rambling and talking nonsense because what I wrote above doesn’t correspond to what I am supposed to be writing about…

Books I really want to read:

Number #1

The Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien

I don’t know what it really is about. I only know that is has something to do with powerful rings and something like that.

I really love epic fantasy. It is one of my favourite genres. I think, well, I can only guess, but maybe, Lord Of The Rings is a bit like A Song Of Ice And Fire since they are both epic fantasies. I have to dig out more to find epic fantasies. I only know these two.

You can check out my book review on A Song Of Ice And Fire here: https://readingforfun5home.wordpress.com/2020/05/24/a-song-of-ice-and-fire-short-book-review/

BTW, it was one of favourite books. I never knew I had a taste for epic fantasy until I read those.😄

Number #2

Catherine House by Elizabeth Thomas

This book seems very mysterious and spooky. All books on boarding schools or schools have some quite fun adventure! Again, I love horror. But I don’t think that this book is horror maybe only a bit chilly, if you ask me. Besides, I have not even yet read the book. It seems eerie and quite the sort of book that makes you feel cold, well, I think it is.

Number #3

The Hidden Hours by Sara Foster

It is of a thriller genre. I love thrillers. I have read so many thriller books long ago, before I had this blog and they are simply thrilling! This book seems to be mysterious. I read a small review on it and even googled it and I definitely want to read this book. I don’t know when I would read it but if I do, I will definitely post a review and recommend it if I enjoyed it. I only recommend books that I personally rate 5 stars¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Let’s move on.

Number #4

The Whispering House by Elizabeth Brooke

This book also seems spooky and mysterious. That is why I want to read it. I read a review about it long ago but I forgot so I do not have clue why this book is on my reading list(in my notebook). But the title cannot be ignored. It is like the title is so catching and you want to read it.

Number #5

Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan

Well, well, it is all about the gods and the supernatural right. I have crossed the book quite a few times and when…it is like, I am the only one who seems not to have read the series. But it is not why I want to read it…it is because, I am very curious by nature, and I love mythology or anything that has got with history. Whenever I go somewhere, or read about a place, I like to search about its history and its mythology. Ha Ha

So, maybe that is all. I don’t like writing long posts but sometimes, I end up writing so much!!


Characters I would love to be😃

Again, since I am currently reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone(for the fifth time) I have decided to post whatever I want regularly since some books are quite very long and with studying at home, with online math classes and other subjects with unfortunately, I have no online classes. I had to set up my own timetable, so I work nearly the whole day and I watch the educational programs on TV for my Grade. Which does not give me much time to finish a book of 300+ pages in one day as usual. Or rather, I am too busy doing those things or busy nibbling nuts and raisins posting book reviews. I must say, book reviews take a lot of time to write and I just simply can’t write little. For one of my french book reviews, La Belle et La Bête, I wrote about 2000 words which I dare say is way too much.🙄

Number 1

Hermione Granger

Well,well…ever since I read Harry Potter, I adored Hermione. A bossy-know-it-all. I love her character, her loyalty to her friends, her seriousness in her studies, her bossy voice, and the authority she has over Harry and Ron. Quite a coincidence too… we both are the same…I had always searched for books where I could relate it to myself. When a book does not feature characters similar to me, I don’t read it because it isn’t for me and it seems to another world.

Number 2

Daenerys Targaryen

So, who wouldn’t want to be her and fly on a dragon.😄 I love her bravery, her firmness in what she says, and her control over things and how she believes in herself. Goodness I have never known such a character! And I love dragons. If I owned a dragon, I would fly to Westeros. Ha Ha.

Well, I am running out of ideas…🥴 My mind is going a bit fuzzy…very unusual.

Let me think…

How about…

Number 3


Good Gracious! I have never imagined a child of 4 to be able to read! I started reading fluently at the age of 6-7. Gosh! I wish I was her. I would have read so many books then. Maybe hundreds and thousands if I could read at her age. Would not I have discovered so many books? What a pity I could not read at the age of 4. What a pity I didn’t even know what a library was!😕😤

Okay okay. Well, I think that’s all. Besides I have to read more books. If only I was Matilda..haha.

Are there any characters you would like to be?

If yes…tell me in the comments😉

Have a nice day🤍


My favourite book series

Hello everyone,

So today I am rather posting something different that my usual English and French book reviews as I am going to share my favourite book series. The idea to post this just came to me out of the blue for nearly no specific reasons but it is true, I love telling everyone what I like and what I don’t like.😁

Okay so let’s start:

Series Number 1:

Harry Potter by J.K Rowling

Definitely…of course!

I remember when I was 8 years old, my mom borrowed Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone for me to read and I simply hated it. (Yes it is true😮)

And when I saw my cousin with the book series, I asked him if I could have a look and I don’t even know how, but I was totally immersed in the book. I was like,” Well, I thought I hated the series…”

Since I didn’t have the books at that time, I read the series online on my phone twice. Yes…twice. As soon as I finished reading the last book, I restarted it again.

And I read it again for the third time and another time after a week but unfortunately I was on the third book I still remember on Page 151…. If you want to know the story, click here:


If you have clicked on the link up and read everything, you would see what were the consequences I had to bear. It was for about 5 months.

Okay…let’s move on,

Series Number 2:

A Song Of Ice And Fire by George R.R Martin

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-2.png

I think I heard about the film before but I didn’t even know what it was about.

A few months ago, I discovered the book on my phone when I was scrolling through an ebook app on my phone. I don’t even know why but I felt as if I had to read the series. Incredible, I never read a book without knowing what it is about but I think some instinct made me read them. I was totally right, I was hooked on them I even downloaded the books on my phone in case I lost them. I was just reading and reading and reading.

Series Number 3:

Thirst by Christopher Pike

So well, I discovered this book by the purest of accident and I never knew I was interested in vampires.

Here is the story:

I was in my school’s library, the place where I hang out most often, alone because I don’t have many friends, I like being alone, and none of my friends share my interests.

So I found this book. I found the cover interesting but I didn’t read it and also because you only had book 3.

I found out that my enemy was reading it. Since I wanted to know what it was about and fortunately my desk is just in front of hers, I heard her talking in hushed voices about the book but fortunately I could hear.

At home, I googled the book and I found it so interesting I read it on the spot, downloading it and devouring it.

Well, so I think that all. Ooops, I think I forgot. Anyways all of my favourite book series are rated 5/5 stars and I highly recommend them.