Deception Point-Critique de Livre

Je suis désolé de ne pas avoir pu publier pendant un certain temps. La semaine dernière, nous devions assister à un mariage le samedi et le dimanche, donc j’avais à peine le temps de faire mes propres devoirs. J’espère que vous comprenez tous.

Nom: Deception Point

Auteur: Dan Brown

Genre: Thriller, fiction

Deception Point eBook: Brown, Dan: Kindle Store
Source: Amazon

Quand la NASA fait une découverte surprenante, une météorite gigantesque enfouie dans la glace, Rachel Sexton est envoyée au cercle polaire par le Président Herney par avion mystérieusement. En croyant que Herney va s’en servir d’elle pour gagner les élections contre son père, le sénateur Sexton, elle s’en va à contrecœur.

En arrivant à sa destination, Rachel rencontre le fameux naturaliste, Michael Tolland, le savant Corky Marlinson, et le Professeur Ming

Plus surprenant encore, on y trouve des fossiles dans une partie de la météorite. Rachel fait rencontre avec la glaciologue Norah Mangor qui lui explique sur la météorite. Finalement on y retire la météorite et un trou énorme y reste.

Une nuit, Michael, Corky et Rachel découvre une chose mystérieuse dans le trou…cherchant le Professeur Ming et Norah seulement Norah arrive. Où est Professeur Ming ?

Tout à coup, Norah et Corky se font attaqué par un ennemi invisible. En courant loin de la zone, Michael et Rachel s’éloignent peu à peu de la station. Vont-ils survivre ?

Mes notes:4/3

Rating: 4 out of 5.

C’était une belle histoire. Même si c’était vraiment long, cela en valait la peine. Je recommande vraiment de lire ce livre.

Au revoir,


Final Friends- A Book Review

I am so sorry for writing this late. I had my Art homework on collage and it took me FOREVER to complete it and I haven’t even finished it! It is on the theme, Wakashio boat so it is a bit complicated. The choice of colours is very time consuming. AND I have a small test for Social and Modern Studies on Thursday and I had to revise. I don’t even know why I started revising so late! BTW our teacher told us just last week. I have so many notes to revise and I have to memorize all of them! Duh!

So I think you can understand…let us start directly with the review.

Name: Final Friends (Volume 1) The Party and The Dance Part 1

Author: Christopher Pike

Genre: YA, Horror fiction, Mystery

Final Friends: Pike, Christopher: 9781444901306: Books
Source: Amazon

The Party

Jessica Hart and her friend Alice McCoy decide to throw a party to get to know all the new guys and other people at their new school, Tabb High. Jessica and Alice could never have expected that anything could go very wrong…as wrong as murder…

Each of Jessica’s friends were given half a dozen of invitation cards. Having invited six friends each, the party begins…

Was the party a terrible mistake?…

The Dance Part 1

Michael Olson, Alice’s friend is determined to find her killer. Michael suspects Clark, this super mysterious boy who nobody knows about him, who is Alice’s boyfriend.

Is Michael right or is he wrong?

Michael gives Polly, Alice’s big sister, a form that will allow him to view the contents of Alice’s autopsy but Clark takes it away from his new girlfriend, Polly.

Will Michael be able to find what he is searching for?

My ratings: 4/9

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This book was really a catching story. I was very right about reading this book😄. I love stories where you have a lot of suspense and crime. The bad news is that my next review won’t be on Book 2 of Final Friends because I didn’t find it at my school library and instead, I borrowed Deception Point, by Dan Brown in French. So that will be the next review.

Thanks for reading,


Remember Me Vol.2-A Book Review

Name: Remember Me volume two, The Return Part two, The Last Story

Author: Christopher Pike

Genre: YA Fiction

Remember Me: Volume Two: The Return Part II and The Last Story ...
Source: Amazon

The Return Part 2

Jean Rodriguez attends the funeral of Debra Zimmerer where she reads her story to her grave. It is about a girl, called Debra and her muse, Sam O’Connor, a …sort of troll who lives in her closet and who gives her the ideas to write her stories….

When Jean Rodriguez goes to visit James Cooper, Shari’s brother, Jean realizes that…she WAS Shari Cooper! This is why she felt such a connection when she saw the place where Shari Cooper died and the reason she seems to remember things that had nothing to do with her.

Now when Shari visits the Rishi, he agrees to let Peter to Earth in the body of a living as a wanderer.

Now the only thing important is for Jimmy and Shari’s friends to remember her, and recognize Shari in Jean’s body…

The Last Story

Shari Cooper, also Jean Rodriguez has just written a new story, First To Die a huge best-seller that is going to be made into a movie. At the last minute, Darren, the movie hero, has to be replaced…by the insanely charming and cute actor, Roger Teller.

Roger seems to have taken a liking to Shari…and Shari wants to wants to know more about him. His shady and confusing past is intriguing.

Shari starts writing a new story, The Starlight Crystal a sci-fi book that happens in the future.

Not long after, Shari feels something wrong…very wrong with Roger when her private detective tries to share her news about him…

My ratings: 4/9

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book was fabulous! I highly recommend reading the two volumes. It seems like even after a first book, the author was still full of amazing ideas to add to it. I loved the story, it was absolutely thrilling! This book is just really gripping and you quite get hooked on it. I still remember completing the story on the same day I borrowed it😀.



Remember Me-A Book Review

Name: Remember Me Volume one and The Return Part 1

Author: Christopher Pike

Genre: YA fiction

Remember Me & The Return Part I by Christopher Pike
Source: Goodreads

Remember Me Volume 1

Shari Cooper is dead. During her friend’s birthday party, she fell off the balcony. Mysteriously pushed by some unknown person off the balcony she was standing on, Shari vows to find her killer.

While watching her own funeral, Shari finds her dead friend, Peter Nichols. Shari also encounters her Shadow, the scariest thing she has ever seen…

With the help of Peter, Shari tries all she can to find her killer. When she tries to contact her friends using the ouija board she and Peter sense another force another energy interfering…

The Return Part 1

Shari Cooper has been given the chance to return to Earth among the living as a Wanderer, in the body of another girl, Jean Rodriguez, a poor girl living with her mother and her siblings.

The only problem is that Shari Cooper, now in the body of Jean Rodriguez, doesn’t even remember that she was once dead and is now back on Earth among the living…

My ratings: 4/9

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If I have to describe this book, there are so many words I could use to describe it. But for now I will only say that it was beautifully written and AMAZING!! I will definitely read other books by Christopher Pike. I was planning to read Final Friends yet but I guess the book in my school library seems to be borrowed by someone else before I even get there! Anyway, I still have to read Part 2 of Remember Me and as I said in my previous post, my book is still where I have hidden it, as long as other students don’t go peeking in the abandoned bookshelf I hid it in. It was the best place I could find and I was shocked myself to find out that somebody else had used my hiding place to hide one of the Twilight series book, Eclipse, there!

Maybe I should end there itself or otherwise you will all die of boredom. One thing I am sure of is that whenever someone talks to me about books, I end up speaking a lot more than listening to what they have to say😂.

See you again soon!


Wrap Up #July

Welcome back everyone for this new post. It is a bit disappointing that I haven’t been able to post a lot this month because of some very good news…on the 1st of July, I was back to school! Yes confinement in Mauritius has been over for a good amount of time and studying and tests make it difficult for me to read my usual amount of books and post about them. TIME!!

Alright let us continue:

Category: Book Reviews

#1 July 11 2020

Catherine House by Elizabeth Thomas

Category: Critiques de Livres

#1 July 5 2020

Les Malheurs de Sophie de la Comtesse de Segur

#2 July 18 2020

Les Vacances de la Comtesse de Segur

 #3 July 24 2020

Anges et Demons de Dan Brown

 #4 July 30 2020

Le Symbole Perdu de Dan Brown

Well well, I have read only um… 5 books. Duh! I also read Remember Me Volume 1 by Christopher Pike on Tuesday but I was behind on writing the reviews so I didn’t get much time. This is a book I borrowed in my school library and guess what I did?


I must admit, I would go to any lengths to be able to keep a book for myself. Fortunately it is still hidden safely where I have put it…luckily…

…and there is no need to remind me…because I know that I am very not-so-nice.😶

By the way, goodbye for now!


P.S. And I can’t believe that we are already in August! Have a good month everyone!