Catherine House-A Book Review

Name: Catherine House

Author: Elizabeth Thomas

Genre: Gothic, Fiction, Mystery

Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas
Origin of picture: Goodreads

This is the story of a very prestigious school, Catherine House, where only the brightest of students can attend. Students with horrific pasts…students who have been abandoned by their families…or who have been running away, like Ines.

Ines, a girl, attends Catherine House, the mysterious boarding school. Totally cut off from the outside world, not even capable of talking to their relatives. many students feel lonely, but still their determination and trust in Catherine is remarkable, especially those who have come here to learn plasm…the science of everything…the means of making and repairing and experimenting things by using plasm pins.

Ines makes friends with her roommate, Baby, a girl who attends Catherine in the hope to learn plasm.

Ines, is intrigued by plasm and its nature and also by a boy, called Sandy, with a strong resemblance to another boy in the picture of a dead student in a scrapbook in the library.

When Baby is killed, Ines is left alone wondering if she killed herself as of she was murdered. When Ines is sent to the restoration center, she is afraid of the plasm pins, that are going to be placed on her.

My ratings:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Well, okay, this book can be described as fine. It was not really what I expected but I liked it. It is only that a few of the mysteries are left unanswered. I didn’t understand plasm very well because it was quite vague and I didn’t figure out why the students were kept locked in the school for three years. I didn’t really like the ending…

Anyways, I would recommend the book if you like mystery, gothic, well-explained surroundings(I loved the book because of that because I could exactly visualize the place exactly and I daresay, they were very beautiful).

Very nice book!

Tell me in the comments what you thought of the book!

Thanks for reading!


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