The Secret Garden-A Book Review

Name: The Secret Garden

Author: Frances Hodson Burnett 

Genre: Fiction, mystery

Mary Lennox found herself all alone in her house. Until, a few men walked in and exclaimed, ‘’Dear goodness, the child was forgotten.’’ Mary also learned that her parents were dead and her servant Ayah, but she was not sad. She was a rather selfish girl and she did not care for anyone. She only saw her parents from far away and barely knew them.

Mary Lennox was sent to her uncle’s manor, Misselthwaite Manor in Yorkshire, England. She finds herself all alone only talking with Martha, one of the house maids, Ben Weatherstaff, the gardener and very rarely the housekeeper, a very strict lady.

She becomes determined when Martha tells her about the secret garden and its history. With the help of her robin friend, she discovers the huge rusted key and the door covered by ivy. Mary is excited, she visits the garden but is saddened to see the dead roses. She meets Dickon, a boy of twelve who is Martha’s brother. Dickon is led into the secret and he helps Mary to revive the garden.

One day, Mary hears someone crying and she investigates where the sound comes from. She meets Colin, a sickly boy of ten who claims to have a crooked back and that he will die soon. Soon enough, the strict housekeeper, Mrs Medlock discovers the children laughing aloud in Colin’s chamber. She is angry with Mary, but she soon sees the bright side, Colin no longer flies in tempers and hysterics. Mary and Colin get into a fight when Mary proves to Colin that he has a straight back and he would not die.

Colin is led into the secret of the Secret Garden and soon, Colin, Mary, and Dickon go into the secret garden. Colin thinks that the garden is magic, and he believes that the magic of the garden will help him to walk again. Mrs. Sowerby and Ben Weatherstaff are also led into the secret. Colin decides that one day, he will be a scientific discoverer, holding little speeches under the plum tree in the garden.

Meanwhile Archibald Craven, Colin’s father and Mary’s uncle receives a letter from Mrs. Sowerby informing him to come back to the manor.

On reaching, he walks through the lane near the secret garden’s wall and he hears children laughing. He opens the door and finds a tall boy in his arms, Colin. ‘’Father, I will be an athlete when I grow up. I can beat Mary in a race.’’, replies Colin.

…and all of them walk back to the manor proud and happy…

My ratings:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

So, this book was not new to me since I have read and listened to the adapted versions before but I must say that I really loved the story and I could re-read the book anytime.

Have you read the book?

What do you think of my review?

Are there any books, French or English you would recommend me to write reviews on??