Happy Blog Anniversary!

Hello guys! Welcome back because I know that it has been quite a while that I haven’t posted. Finally! My second term exam are over, the holidays have just started (since yesterday) and I will be active again! Yay!

So today is a very special day because it is my blog anniversary! It is amazing how such a year has passed by already!

OK, I admit I nearly forgot the date of my blog’s b-day because for some unknown reason, I always thought it was on the 18th of November…🤦🏻‍♀️. When I decided to check my blog today, I received a notification telling me ”Happy Blog Anniversary!”…and I was like, ” *surprised* Oh, so my blog’s birthday is TODAY! I forgot…anyways…”

So I would like to say thank you to all the lovely people here who have been on my blog. Thank you to all of my followers and random people who came across this and I wish all of you a lovely day!

Lots of love,


My First Blog Post-Hermione

Hello everyone, I’m Hermione and welcome to my book blog, Portable Magic…since I love reading.

I guess that you would like to know more about me. Well, I am Hermione ( again ). I speak both English and French fluently so my reviews are in both languages.

To know more about the content of my blog, I really like books that are adventurous, daring and scary.

To have an idea, here is a list of my favourite books(unfortunately I can’t rank them):

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Thirst series(also known as The Last Vampire)
  3. A Song Of Ice And Fire
  4. Famous Five

Maybe you were expecting Lord Of The Rings to be on the list but I haven’t yet read them but I am sure that they are going to be on the list soon.

My favourite genres are:

Adventure, fantasy, magic, vampire, horror, fiction, crime, epic fantasy, and so many more. It only has to do something with being adventurous.