Finally! I am a bit more organised!!

Finally, I have been able to make my own timetable! It took me approximately one whole hour but I think it is just fine. Maybe it is a bit crammed because I am doing all the subjects in one day, every day. I do not like technology studies very much, so I put it last with only ten minutes.

My Timetable

I have got a lot of reading time so I will be able to read more and I have a specific time when to blog, so it is not just random.

I am very proud of it. I really am.

I did cram a lot in it but I can surely manage. I have never done so many subjects in one day!

I have so much time to blog and read and I can work more effectively now.

But school is resuming on the 1st of July, so this timetable won’t last long.

Poor timetable! It will think that it is totally useless and no one wants him! 😢

But I will have to take Timetable out again because on Saturdays and Sundays and the holidays, I have to work. What will I do. There is nothing else to do.

Maybe, there is really too many subjects, but thirty minutes each is enough. I did not put Culture Education, P.E, Social and Emotional Well-being, and Oriental Language because I think that they are totally useless. I hate sports. Duh.

And the rest of the subjects are not as important as Science or Arithmetic, or even literature. I love literature, both English and french because you have to do reading and I am very good in those subjects.

In technology Studies, precisely ICT(Information and Communication Technology), it is the only subject I lost 4 points in and that is very, very, very, bad.

I never lose as much as 4 points in an exam, rarely 5 points and ICT is not my thing…

And finally, to end this post, I have already started Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire, so stay tuned for more reviews.



P.S. Maybe the review for Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire will be posted in 2 or 3 days. I must say, there is a lot to read. Meanwhile, I will be posting other little things like this post in the meantime.😁

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Hello everyone, I am Hermione. Welcome to my blog, Portable Magic. I really love books and learning about new things. In this blog, I write reviews about the books I read and love. I really like Harry Potter, The Song Of Ice And Fire and I will surely make an effort to read The Lord Of The Rings next. I love adventure-fantasy books! ~Hermione🤍

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